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Denisa Protani

Denisa Protani

Sun Insider Manager

Denisa Protani, started her career in music and theater in Europe and the United states, on stage and in the studio, in the late 70s before forming and a full service entertainment company that grew to cover everything from singing telegrams (remember is WAS after all the 80s), large events, to top name comedians and musicians. After moving to Maryland in 1990, she fell in love with the state and worked for Loews Hotels after which she went on to serve as the Vice President of the Maryland Tourism Council as well as the Maryland Hotel & Lodging Association before joining The Baltimore Sun in 2005. With family in Italy and the UK, she and her son, Andrew, make every effort to visit as often as possible. “I have loved film and theater for as long as I can remember. The chance to reward our readers with the opportunity to enjoy, not only these, but to have great experiences and win great prizes is a joy! I am always on permanent prize patrol and our members come up with the best suggestions!


John W. Brown History Cruise

A trip back in time!

Enter for a chance to win tickets for two for a history cruise on the Liberty Ship John W. Brown May 6th!

Step back into 1944, the world is at war, and you’ve just set sail to cross the Atlantic on S.S. JOHN W. BROWN – who knows what adventures lie in wait! Spend an exciting day in 1944 as you experience a sea and air adventure aboard our restored Liberty ship. Plenty of food, era-relevant entertainers, and an air show with vintage World War II aircraft await you!. View the magnificent 140-ton triple-expansion steam engine as it powers the great ship through the water. Tour museum spaces, crew quarters, bridge, flying bridge, chart room, radio room, mess rooms, troop berthing areas, stern gun deck and much more.




Tickets for Four

Enter for a chance to win tickets for up to 4 for an advance screening of

born in china title

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 at 07:30 PM

Cinemark Egyptian 7000 ARUNDEL MILLS CIRCLE HANOVER, MD 21076